About The Brand

Banke Kuku Textiles was established in 2011 by textiles designer  Banke Kuku. The company fuses traditional African and Western culture to create, intricate, unique and luxurious fabrics for the interior and fashion industries. This marriage of cultures come together to create what is seen as modern Africa.  

Each fabric produced by Banke Kuku Textiles in its beauty tells a unique African story ranging from native parables to current issues within the continent.

With its interior collections and newly born fashion accessory line, Banke Couleaur which has been worn by the likes of Franca Sozanni Chief Editor of Vogue Italia , the brand  continues to place modern Africa on an international platform as it features in world renowned global publications such as vogue, Elle decorations, The times UK, Good Homes and more. As well as stocking in the world best stores such as Couture Lab and Selfridges.