Brand Ethics

Banke Kuku Textiles promotes African tradition and culture through it unique and exquisite textiles in a western and developed market. Acting as a representative of the continent Banke Kuku Textiles continues to place Africa in sophisticated global renowned publications such as Vogue, Elle Decorations, Evening Standard UK and more.


Within the continent Banke Kuku Textiles supports Badagry based charity Sail Harbour Foundation through donations of all profits from The Sail Habour foundation Charity Cushion.

Banke Kuku Textiles and Sail Harbour Foundation looks forward to a time when every person in, whether living in an urban city or a small village, will enjoy a minimum standard of living and the opportunity to make their world a better place, for themselves and others. In unison we are committed to making that vision come to life,one step at a time.

Banke Kuku supports and promotes local textiles mills industries in Nigeria. creative director Banke Kuku published a book‘The Unwoven Threads of Nigeria’ in 2010. Unwoven Threads of Nigeria is an in depth analysis of the structure of the Nigerian textile industry, the problems the industry faces and suggestions on how to tackle the problems. Working with Adire Mills in Ogun state Nigeria Banke Kuku Textiles looks to clean up the sector and promote home grown textiles.