The Pride

Pride, upholds the African Heritage of recent fabric designs with intrepid prints in a riot of colour. Comprising of four distinctive prints in various cushion sizes, designs include digitally printed patterns saturated in vibrant shades and inspired by the traditional European adopted paisley print. The collection also features patterns inundated with colourful clashes, distinct shapes and intricate details, including styles displaying influences from the traditional cloths worn by the Yoruba tribe in Africa.

The Pride print

The Pride Print draws its inspiration from the traditional European adopted Paisley print. Paired with the bold African use of colour, this print is grand and harmonic with its name reflecting the patterns stand-alone nature.

The Aso Oke print

The Aso Oke Stripe print is a modern take on the Aso Oke traditional cloth worn by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria during celebration. Digitally printed unlike the authentic hand woven and dense fabric found in southern Nigeria.

The Royal Print

A dominant design the graceful Royal Print is constructed from bold shapes and distinct detail, presenting a young, Modern Africa juxtaposed with design influences of the West.